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This site is about my cyclingtrips in Asia. I'm Christoph Sauser, I was born the 31st of march 1971 in Bern.

My first cycling trip was with my father, 30 Km, probably around 1980-82. We found candy on the way, which explains why I was hooked.

In 83 I started cycling in the region between Bern and Burgdorf regularly with my cousin. In 84 we had our first 100 Km ride. Then in 85 our first "long" trip. 3 days from Burgdorf to La Fouly in the Valais, 210 Km. In 86 we had a 2 day ride, then in 87 one week in the swiss alps, in 88 the french alps. 89 Dolomites, 90 french alps again, 91 the dolomites again, then in 92 we had our big trip to Portugal and back 9300 Km in 97 days. In 93 we just did a 2 day trip in the Jura, then in 94 for our tenth and so far last trip we went to Belgium/Holland.

After that it was time for a bigger trip for me. So 95 I started my trip to Hongkong and back. In October 97 I arrived back in Burgdorf after 40'389 Km. In March 98 I moved to Japan to live with my ex-girlfriend (I married her now, so she's my wife).

In 2001 I tried to do some cycling again. Vladivostok-Lhasa with lots of train/bus riding, 5806 Km was the disappointing result.

itinery map
In blue Tour 95+, in red Tour 2001, green = not cycled

Links to my 2 asian trips:

Here some other Information:

Links: Just a few links. And it will stay that way. Don't have the energy to regularly update the links. So don't ask me to put up a link to your site. I might put up a link if I find a site I really like and can't find it linked to any of my links. Still don't ask me to link you!

  • Mr Pumpy : Very untypical cyclingsite: It's funny!! Very good info about southeast Asia. Regularly updated, check the archives!
  • Claude Marthaler: Cycled around the world. 121'750 Km in 7 years! Impressive.
  • Cyclingsearch: Instead of asking me for a link, go there. Very good idea, easy to find what your looking for. But so far not many links yet.
  • Janne : Tibet specialist! Of course he's completely crazy, prefers dirt tracks or no road to perfectly paved roads.
  • Dani Birchler: Even lazier than me. Has no site. Should have one! If he ever gets around to do it I'll be the first to have the link!
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