Tour 2001

The plan The plan was fairly simple. Start in Vladivostok, cycle to Ulan Ude, completing my west-east ride through Russia, then through Mongolia, then to Golmud, Amdo and head west to Kashgar. Then depending on how much time I had left, I wanted to go back towards Beijing.
The trip: Didn't really do much. Started the 8th of May in Vladivostok as planned, already took the train for the first time in Shimanovsk the 30st of May. Problems with my ass, and missed my wife. So she came to Ulan Bator and we cycled together towards the Chinese border, taking the train again in the end. We cycled together to Yinchuan, then she went back to Tokyo, while I continued cycling and ended up in Lhasa, finishing the trip the 27th of August, after 5806 Km. Didn't really turn out the why I had planned it.
Country information: Russia